Faculty Research Semnar (FRS) Series

Faculty Research Seminar-VI (FRS-VI) was held on 10th March 2021. Dr. Priti Sharma presented the study on the “Evaluation of Performance of Equity Mutual Fund” The work was focused on the analysis that whether the fund managers of managed portfolios are able to generate the superior returns in comparison to the returns generated by the market. These superior returns are called alpha. Generation of alpha may be a major motivating factor for the investors to invest in the wealth enhancing investment avenue like mutual funds. The presentation also covered the aspect that the mutual fund returns are significantly impacted by market returns. The faculty members present in seminar appreciated the presentation from the perspective of research methodology applied and connecting the presentation with real life application. Prof. Ravindra Kumar appreciated the effort made by the presenter to present a complicated topic in an effective and simplified manner. He also suggested that we should begin a course in the area of financial literacy as part of our curriculum after deliberations in FCM. FRS VI was completed with exchange of many views and ideas on importance of right investments. The discussion on Murphy’s law on investments by Dean Academics made everybody laugh and agree to the quite frequent phenomenon we come across that the moment we invest we see that the fund/stock/ gold etc. which was otherwise rising till the time suddenly starts falling. For the next FRS to be held in 1st week of April, Dr. Nidhi Mathur volunteered to present her work.    

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