Why do you need to celebrate Failure?

Article by Sachin Singh , PGDM- Business Analytics Batch,2020

“Failure” the word which is always considered a nightmare. Try to look at the positive side. It will give you an opportunity to give a shot at your goal/target, with that extra effort which was supposedly missing in the previous attempt.

Better way is to analyse the ‘Failure’ but yes it will require a lot of effort as it will involve a ‘dry run’ of your previous attempts. Consider it as putting an exception handling block in your process to eradicate that possibility of a ‘single’ point of failure. One should not be terrified of ‘failure’, but be terrified of ‘regret’. It is often said that ‘giving up is the birth of regret’. The moment you give up and refuse to stand up, it is where the whole purpose of staying motivated and whole plan on which you were working gets defeated.

Thus, believe in your aspirations and efforts so that you will not fear that word ‘failure’ instead you choose to welcome it. So, forget it that “You will give up”… NEVER. Also, if you will code it recursively to achieve a logic, try applying that logic here in life. It is right that ‘ Every step in your life is not pre-ordained, it has to be a surprise ‘ so be it. Be a person to fight it, fail, get up and do overcome it.

One of the best examples, currently is New Zealand winning the inaugural ICC Test Championship. A Team, considered as one of the best fielding and bowling side, success eluded it. Having won the ICC knock out championship (currently as Champions Trophy) way back in 2000s, they came close twice to win the world cup, once in 2015 with Australia coming as victorious and 2019 where ICC rules eluded the victory. Still the team did not loose hope. They came in the test championship as favourites and they did that. Getting criticised for not including a finger spinner in the team, looking at the overall performance they don’t even need it. So it was the intent, dedication of the team like ‘We will play and will win it’. This case is like a never ending ‘trying’ story where they keep on marching forward and in the end, got over the line.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Institute or its employees.


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