“Premium Management Qualifications via DISTANCE EDUCATION

The Philosophy

Education is acquisition and utilisation of knowledge. Knowledge in the management field, like other disciplines, is expanding very fast. Education is central to the human resource development and empowerment in any country, and the quality of education is judged by the kind of human it produces. Education is the means whereby adults pass on their beliefs and values to their children.

The growing internationalisation of higher education, especially professional courses and institutions, increasing international co-operation and the emergence of new, transnational education providers are posing a challenge to higher education systems of the country. The new knowledge-based society demands managers who are flexible and versatile. They need to learn continuously and upgrade their skills as the technology advances. Innovative forms of transnational education based on internet have been opened to students around the world. This has made distance education more vibrant and rewarding experience.

IMT CDL has been contributing to this educational revolution in its own way. Fully alive to the emerging challenge, the Centre has taken the leadership in preparing managers of tomorrow armed with a distinct vision, blended with technology and skills. The centre strives to create allround leaders in management and entrepreneurship by helping its students acquire the necessary skills.

The Location

IMT CDL is located on a lush green 6 acre campus and is just an hour’s drive from Delhi. The Institute boasts of world-class infrastructure consisting of a fully networked Wi-Fi campus, well-equipped classrooms, a modern auditorium and a large repository of digital resources.

About Our Programmes

IMT CDL offers a wide spectrum of management programmes. The curriculum is constantly updated to be in touch with the dynamic global and Indian environment. Learning is further enhanced by new technology that connects students to resources and data around the globe. The approach to management education is founded on continuous innovation, development of practical knowledge and a relentless commitment to academic excellence.

Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

AICTE has recognised IMT CDL to offer post-graduate management programmes for the academic year 2023-2024.

Name of the programmes approved by AICTE:

AICTE Approval Application Process 2021-22

AICTE has extended the deadline of submission of applications for all institutions till 29.04.2021. Our application has been submitted well within the time and we are waiting for further processing of the same by AICTE.

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