IMT CDL organized a virtual roundtable on the topic “Unleashing the Power of Data: Innovation & Insights in Business Analytics” on 27th August 2023, from 03:00 to 04:00 PM. The roundtable focused on exploring data-driven strategies for a competitive edge in the digital landscape while highlighting innovations that revolutionize businesses. Expert Panelists engaged in key discussions on data privacy, transparency, and trust-building.

Key takeaways from the roundtable:

  1. Use data-driven strategies to outpace competitors and lead the market. 
  2. Explore AI, ML, and predictive analytics to optimize operations and seize new opportunities. 
  3. Prioritize privacy, transparency, and fairness to build trust through ethical data practices. 

The roundtable was hosted by Prof. (Dr.) Loveleen Gaur, Adjunct Professor with Taylor University, Malaysia & University of South Pacific – Fiji, Academic Consultant with Australian School of Graduate Studies.

The panelists consisted of the following industry experts:

Mr. Partha Majumdar-Vice President for Software Engineering in a Multinational Bank

Partha has been developing computer software for 34 years as of 2023. He has been involved with Data Sciences since 2012 and has written 2 books on the subject as on date. Most recently, he is experimenting with programming using ChatGPT API.

Mr. Santhosh Panchapakesan Subramanian-Director Transformation at Conduent Business Services Ltd.

With 21 years in the IT industry, He has played multiple roles – Developer, Systems Analyst, Architect, Manager, and now, a Transformational Leader. Led diverse global teams, specializing in Customer Communication, Automation (RPA/OCR/ICR/IDP/AI/ML), and overseeing Demand Supply, and Finances for multiple Business units.

Mr. Sumit Agarwal-Data Engineer-Fractal Analytics

Experienced data scientist skilled in Python 3, SciKit Learn, Matplotlib, ARIMA for AWS-hosted forecasting models. Proficient in Tableau, Service-Now, and Power BI for impactful visualizations. A versatile professional in Data Engineering and Business Analytics, excelling in designing and optimizing data pipelines for seamless flow across diverse sources to robust analytical platforms.

Link-IMT CDL Roundtable on Unleashing the Power of Data: Innovation & Insights in Business Analytics – YouTube

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