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Ms. Preeti Juneja
Post Graduate Diploma in Material & Supply Chain Management
Batch: 2010

Boardrooms: Why is it a male-dominated place? What happens when more women are there in the boardroom than men? We are far from this reality, but some real progress is taking place in uprooting malignant problems related to gender bias and pay disparity prevalent in our society.

Beating the diversity drum or shining a light on issues like these on International Woman Day is not the way to change boardroom composition towards greater gender equality. We need highly qualified, capable, and result-oriented applicants to fill top positions. Men or women, only the deserving without undue biases, should get a seat at the table.

When responsible organizations lead by example, there is much more trust and affinity attached to stakeholder relationships-customer centrism. HR plays an essential role in ensuring the equal participation of women, pay parity, and women in leadership roles.

The next thing is an organization-wide strategy to address the issue of gender parity. It includes setting up guidelines on assessing skills, work performance, and readiness for the role. Proper compensation or pay according to skill, not gender, is not a question of pay alone but speaks volumes about an organization’s culture.

Active and equal representation by experienced men and women contributes to a more significant healthy and sustainable work culture. That is why gender parity is essential.   “Businesses and governments can do more to provide targeted support for women to help them take advantage of new green jobs. This includes identifying barriers to entry for women in green growth sectors, upskilling and reskilling, and improving access to finance for female entrepreneurs who will play a key role in the transition to net-zero,” states Emma CoxGlobal Climate Leader, PwC.

Diversity and Inclusion (DI) is a hotbed of discussions globally focusing on women at the workplace across sectors to bring a positive change. It is trending big time! People, in general, are raising this pertinent question, Why are boardrooms a male-dominated place? Don’t we all want to get a more balanced approach to things? Women’s representation is the key.

“Their ideas, innovations, and activism are changing our world for the better. And their leadership across all walks of life.” in a statement by UN Secretary-General António Guterres on International Women’s Day.

Let’s talk about her success and not failures. Her confidence, not vulnerability. Her good judgment and her poised behaviour, not her unavailability.

Open this world of opportunities to both men and women justly.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Institute or its employees.

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